Literatura del México antiguo : los textos en lengua nahuatl by edicíon, estudios introductorios y versiones de textos de

By edicíon, estudios introductorios y versiones de textos de Miguel León-Portilla.

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1 Mérida was unacceptable to the Spanish authorities because he had carried out robberies on the exit roads from Mexico City as a bandit for seven years and was wanted by the officers of the Tribunal de Acordada. Mérida, a tributario (Indian taxpayer) from the province, hoped that his election would be a means of exchanging his profitable but dangerous life of robbery for an attractive position in Indian government. His popularity among a few leading families in the village was due to his promise to reduce the tribute if he were elected gobernador and to settle the dispute with the Conde de Regla involving a plot of land that was adjacent to the village in the latter's favor.

Tepejí de la Seda 39. Tetela del Volcán 40. Tetepango-Hueypustla 41. Texcoco 42. Tlapa 43. Tlaxcala 44. Tochimilco 45. Toluca 46. Tula 47. Tulancingo 48. Xilotepec 49. Xochimilco 50. Zacatlán 51. Zempoala 52. Zumpango de la Laguna [The list is somewhat arbitrary, because in the map the province of Tlapa is included, while the northern province of Xalapabordering provinces 29 and 37 to the northeastis left out; in other maps the situation is some times reversed, depending on the data. ] Page xiv And one of the hallmarks of contemporary life is what I perceive to be a conspiracy against conscious thought.

The great number of deaths combined with out-migration to create a general decline in the number of residents of the Indian townships, which lasted until roughly 1765. 5 percent per annum). However, the falda provinces experienced a slight decline, suggesting that the residents of the highlands could have left Page 11 Figure 1 Number of tributarios in seven subregions of Anáhuac, 1720-1800 Page 12 for these provinces in the faldas, where it was apparently possible to accommodate the migrants. 5 percent per annum) between 1765 and 1800, but it is not clear whether this increase was initiated by a wave of births or by remigration.

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