Inca Discover the Culture and Geography of a Lost by Lawrence Kovacs, Farah Rizvi

By Lawrence Kovacs, Farah Rizvi

Revealing legends and legacies, Inca: observe the tradition and Geography of a misplaced Civilization with 25 initiatives deals attractive perception into the continent-sprawling historic Inca tradition. The textual content and actions invite newbies on a trip alongside the Inca path. Theyll stopover at town of Cuzco and the majestic Machu Picchu, outfitted on a jagged ridge hundreds of thousands of ft above the Urubamba River. young children will know about cultural ideals, rituals, clinical advances, and languages. Theyll create Salar de Uyuni salt crystals and construct a tropical cloud woodland. This appealing academic software additionally beneficial properties exact illustrations, informative sidebars, fun-fact questions, and vocabulary that might curiosity readers from begin to end.

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The Sacred Valley and the Milky Way The Urubamba River valley descends from the base of the Cuzco valley and winds its way toward the jungles of the Amazon. It is often referred to as the Sacred Valley of the Inca. Within its steep walls are a series of ruins that are amazing for their beauty, their enormous size, and their excellent state of preservation. Many of the ruins here were originally built as elaborate retreats for the Inca royalty, but some served more practical purposes. The Inca believed that the entire universe was living, and that each person on Earth had a common ancestor in the stars.

INCA Mummies Many cultures of South America practiced mummification of their dead kings. But since most of the tombs have been raided and robbed, we don’t know for sure who else they chose to mummify. One of the most amazing Inca mummies ever found was named Juanita by Dr. Johan Reinhard, the archaeologist who discovered her. She was a girl between 12 and 14 with intricately braided hair found at the summit of Mount Ampato in the Andes Mountains at an altitude of 20,630 feet (6,288 meters). Imagine how cold and difficult it must have been for the Inca to conduct a ceremony on top of this high peak without special mountain climbing equipment and clothing!

This was a bit of a problem since the lunar year is about 11 days shorter than the solar year. Historians think the Inca probably used 30-day months throughout the year, and when the holidays and seasons got out of alignment, they made adjustments to the solar calendar to get back on track. 51 INCA Did You Know? The time it takes the earth to travel once around the sun is actually slightly longer than 365 days. It is in fact 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds. That’s why we add an extra day to February every fourth year, and we call this a leap year.

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