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AARP Word 2010 For Dummies by Dan Gookin

By Dan Gookin

It's a complete new note -- utilize it!

Here's precisely what you want to recognize to get going with be aware 2010. From firing up observe, utilizing the spell checker, and dealing with templates to formatting records, including photographs, and saving your stuff, you will get the 1st and final note on note 2010 with this enjoyable and straightforward mini consultant. So prepare to channel your internal author and begin growing be aware documents that wow!

Open the e-book and find:

  • Tips for navigating observe with the keyboard and mouse
  • Advice on utilizing the Ribbon
  • How to edit textual content and undo mistakes
  • Things to understand approximately saving and naming files
  • How to print documents

The EPUB structure of this identify will not be appropriate to be used on all hand held devices.

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What is important is that you can use those documents to start Word: Opening a Word document causes Word to start and to display that document for editing, printing, or just giving others the impression that you’re doing something. What’s your point, Dan? My point is that you can also start Word by opening a Word document. Simply locate the Word document icon (shown here) in a folder window. Double-click to open that document, and Word starts up on the screen, instantly (more or less) displaying that document for editing, reading, modifying, perusing, cussing, mangling, and potentially fouling up beyond all recognition.

Press and hold the wheel button to activate scrolling mode. With the wheel button down, you can move the mouse up or down to pan your document in that direction. If the mouse’s wheel button also tilts from side to side, you can use it to pan left and right. ” The key to pulling off that trick is to know how to move the insertion pointer to the exact spot you want. Moving the insertion pointer is important! Scientific studies have shown that merely looking at the computer screen does no good. As hard as you wish, new text appears only at the insertion pointer.

Within a part, you find self-contained sections, each of which describes how to perform a specific task or get something done. Sample sections you encounter in this book include Save your stuff Moving a block of text Check your spelling How to format a paragraph I give you no keys to memorize, no secret codes, no tricks, no videos to sleep through, and no wall charts. Instead, each section explains a topic as though it’s the first thing you read in this book. Nothing is assumed, and everything is cross-referenced.

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