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A Note on Distributed Computing by Jim Waldo; Geoff Wyant; Ann Wollrath; Sam Kendall

By Jim Waldo; Geoff Wyant; Ann Wollrath; Sam Kendall

Retrieved on 29 December 2016 from http://web.archive.org/web/20161230044518/http://www.cc.gatech.edu/classes/AY2010/cs4210_fall/papers/smli_tr-94-29.pdf

We argue that gadgets that engage in a disbursed procedure have to be handled in ways in which are
intrinsically assorted from items that engage in a unmarried tackle area. those transformations are
required simply because disbursed platforms require that the programmer concentrate on latency, have a dif-
ferent version of reminiscence entry, and take note of problems with concurrency and partial failure.
We glance at a quantity of allotted structures that have tried to paper over the distinction
between neighborhood and distant items, and convey that such structures fail to aid easy requirements
of robustness and reliability. those mess ups were masked long ago by means of the small dimension of the
distributed platforms which have been outfitted. within the enterprise-wide allotted platforms foreseen in the
near destiny, in spite of the fact that, any such overlaying can be impossible.
We finish via discussing what's required of either systems-level and application-level program-
mers and architects if one is to take distribution heavily.

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