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A game for swallows : to die, to leave, to return by Zeina Abirached

By Zeina Abirached

Residing in the course of civil conflict in Beirut, Lebanon, Zeina and her brother face a night of apprehension whilst their mom and dad don't go back from a trip to the opposite facet of town

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You have no idea! PFFF 58 hm It was beautiful, but it was too big. It was so big That The people you passed in The street. . well, you’d probably never see Them again! And you know how They get around up There? How? They have trains That run underground! Can you imagine?! Nooo, I’d raTher stay right here! At least I feel at home here. Anhala had been wiTh Farah’s family for sixty-five years. 59 She started working at The age of 10 for Farah’s great-grandparents. She was There when Sonia, Farah’s grandmoTher, was born.

To forget. Until Then, The important part is just to keep on living. 54 But it won’t be long now, That’s for sure! OTherwise, do you Think I’d have gone to all This trouble? NoT AT ALL! I’d have left The country too! Speaking of which, how are Those visas? Ramzi sent The applications to The Canadian Embassy in Cyprus. Madame Linda gave The envelope to Ziad, a Red Cross ambulance driver she knows. He’s Madame Hyam’s son. You know, The woman who ran The stationery shop by Saint Joseph University.

You are! His wife? You are! His wife? You are! 48 KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK Good evening, Anhala. Here already? Yes. The children were all alone when it started. It might be a long night. I brought some blankets . . and a head of lettuce! Freshly washed! Washed lettuce? Why, Thank you, Chucri! Set it over There and come in! 49 Hiy Heh heh Hiyaa! Hiyaa! Yaa! Oh-Ho Yaa! 50 ! aa ! I made some coffee. Chucri was The son of Salma, The building caretaker. He was 16 when war broke out in 1975. A year later, his faTher, Saïd, a taxi driver, disappeared.

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