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5 Steps to Counteract Stress by Anjali Arora

By Anjali Arora

"Is rigidity affecting your life?

Understand stress

-Learn approximately tension busters

Assess your rigidity Levels

- increase a pressure coping strategy

Overwhelmed by means of the demanding occasions in lifestyles, such a lot folks get disillusioned or flustered. This impacts our way of life and personality.

Take inventory of your lifestyles now. methods to examine your rigidity degrees and the way to deal with it. This e-book discusses all of the elements of counteracting rigidity and offers a plethora of recommendations so that you can destress.

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T ’ai chi is performed as a series of controlled precise movements, thereby calming the brain and leading to greater control over emotions. Acupuncture: It is also a Chinese remedy practised by therapists. This practice consists of a technique which releases the flow of ‘chi’ by placing special needles along special routes in the body. Keeping the channels open through this practice helps remedy many health problems, including stress. Shaitsu: It means “finger pressure” and is a Japanese therapy.

It modifies heart rate and high blood pressure. This in turn can reduce anxiety and stress. Yoga also helps in increasing energy levels. Meditation is a mental exercise. It calms the mind and increases its concentration. Music Therapy Music helps you unwind. You should listen to bhakti or devotional music in the morning and light music in the evening. Hydro Therapy Water is the essence of life. Have a light shower before going to bed or at least wash your face and feet with water which is neither too hot nor too cold (depending upon the weather).

When you feel stressed or tense visualise yourself in a pleasant surrounding like on a beach with palm trees, the blue sky and ocean or near the mountains, etc. Get over your “worried” self and try and relax with this powerful technique of visualisation, you will feel calm and happy. 05. Stress Management The most important part of stress management is time technique. Each day Get organised Give life a direction Get organised Understand your priorities. Don’t run around aimlessly. List your priorities for the day.

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