4tH, the friendly Forth compiler by Bezemer J.L.

By Bezemer J.L.

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Hx (E)dit (C)ompile (R)un (A)rguments (Q)uit (G)enerate (B)uild (D)ecompile >b If 4tH has nothing to complain about, it doesn’t complain, so you can safely assume that everything is okay. txt Cannot open code user@linux:~ > That was to be expected. txt”, not ”code”. It is always a good idea to test all exceptions as well. There could be a bug in that code too. txt user@linux:~ > Well, it seems to work.. But what we really want is a standalone program. One that can be run without invoking 4tH and shared with our friends and families.

When you want to perform a calculation, the calculation uses the top numbers on the stack. For example, here’s a typical addition operation: 1 2 + When 4tH reads a number, it just puts the value onto the stack. Thus 1 goes on the stack, then 2 goes on the stack. When you put a value onto the stack, we say that you push it onto the stack. When 4tH reads the operator ’+’, it takes the top two values off the stack, adds them, then pushes the result back onto the stack. This means that the stack contains: 3 after the above addition.

The implementation of ’[DECIMAL]’, ’[HEX]’, ’[OCTAL]’ and ’[BINARY]’ was suggested by William Tanksley. • The HX-format was suggested by Mikael Cardell. 4tH was discussed in Volume XVIII, Number 3 of Forth Dimensions. Thank you, Marlin Ouverson for giving me that opportunity. 4 Questions We tried to provide you with all the documentation you’ll probably ever need. That doesn’t mean that you’ll never have any questions. NEVER EMAIL THE PEOPLE WHOSE SITE YOU GOT THIS FROM! THEY DON’T KNOW EITHER!

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