3000 cuestiones y problemas de física y química by Jose Antonio Fidalgo Sanchez

By Jose Antonio Fidalgo Sanchez

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A) Fig II /"' Ii'. ional view). Solid and open circles represent. electrons and holes, and material flo,,". arrow~ show til\' 39 5. llls, ollly expansions appear. ;sions accompany in this case as shown in Fig. I. ron beam accelerated al 10 kV. 5 nA, and exposure time was 10 sjline. hat. the irradiated region expands. iaJlyfixed exposures. '\g-As((;e)-S salllpies. Second. the deformatioll is prominent when \' ~ 10 k\'. ;. ; \\,or"e. The beam appears too energetic. Third. similarly (0 that in ,1.

Journ. Sol. 189, 147-153. 13. N. (1988). Optical hysteresis in amorphous semiconductor. Soviet Pisma JTF, 14, 1985-1989. 14. N. (1992). Optical hysteresis and nonlinear absorption at short laser pulses in chalcogenide glasses. phys. 56,92-109. 15. , Bertolotti M. (1996). Nonliniar propagation of strong laser pulses in chalcogenide glass films. Progress in Optics. 36, 1-47. /ty of Enyinfulng. Hoh/;aido Linive1'siiy, Sapporo 06{). v1 icrometer-scale deformations can be produced in chakogenide glasses only hy exposure to laser or electron beams.

L processes. ure rise induced by light. illumination were responsible, the phenomenon \\'oliid become more prominent. emperaturcs. hat. 1 K [8]. on energy of illumination. That. J [1]. , since at. ical bandgap of rv tail [1]. tioll [11]. lcogenide glasses. ion givcs a new insight. ed electrons and holes. A photoconductive measurement. ant. ocurrent. hod shows 1 hat. hat. '1 e\' light [B]. ed carriers by the Urbach-tail light is considerably smaller. :;. 4 eV photons. oinduced change, irrespective as to whether electrons being trapped (for Urbach-tail excitation) or free (for bandgap excitation).

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