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30 Minutes to Write a Report (30 Minutes Series) by Patrick Forsyth

By Patrick Forsyth

A part of a chain of pocket publications geared toward the permitting the reader to profit a brand new ability in exactly half-hour, this article provides a consultant to file writing, from what to incorporate, to how one can lay it out.

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But, or rather however, it also makes another point; do not overuse this sort of device. Another similar rule is that sentences should not end with prepositions. ‘He is a person worth talking to’ really does sound easier on the ear than ‘... with whom it is worth talking’. ’ Still other rules may be broken only occasionally. Many of us have been brought up never to split infinitives, and it often causes annoyance. There are exceptions, however. 48 The Power of Language Would the most famous one in the world, from Star Trek, ‘To boldly go where no man has gone before’ really be better as ‘.

If you do not say everything, then everything you do say is a choice – you need to make good content choices Precise: say exactly what you mean and get all the details correct. Be careful not to use words or phrases such as: ‘about’, ‘I think’, ‘maybe’ when you should be using something specific In ‘our’ language: this is important in many ways. It should be pitched at the right level (of technicality or complexity). It should take account of the readers’ past experience and frame of reference (which means you have to know something about what these are).

One clear device such as the use of bold type to highlight something within a sentence or paragraph stands out and adds emphasis. Page breaks: a new page makes a real break and thus gives emphasis to whatever heading you start with over the page. Again conscious thought and decision are necessary here and there are alternatives – for example, you may arrange something deliberately so that the reader must turn over a page in the middle of a sentence to increase the chances of their reading on Numbering: numbers provide an invaluable guide to finding your way around a report.

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