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2005 US Chess Championship (Reportage)

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Rxd6?! Nf3 g6 The Hyper-Accelerated Dragon. d5 in one move. Nxd4 g6). Qh4? Nxe5! a3? exd6!? Qe5 This forcing continuation has recently cast doubt on Black's opening play. The White Queen will go on a material-grabbing raid and Black has difficulties getting at the enemy King.

Ng5 e5?! dxe7 What else can White do? Rxf7. Bc3?? Bd4 c5! Rc7 Qa1+ It looks like a draw, but Hikaru takes an enormous chance. Not since Fischer has an American player refused or avoided draws so often even when it meant standing worse. Bxe7 Bg4!? b6! Ba6+ was also worth thinking about. Qxg2. Bd5 Qc5 The position looks about equal. e5?? Diagram A crazy move but unsound. Bxe5? Rd8! , which wins immediately. Kg7! Qh6 Bc7! Kf1? Rxc7? Kf1 Qxc7 . Rb8? Rf4!! Rg4+. Qxf4 With the opposite colored bishops there's no reason to play on.

5 by Anna Zatonskih, who won her first game since round one. ” and won in 20 moves. Qxf7+! leads to checkmate. Ouch. Both Rusa and Anna came in to blog after their wins. Irina Krush lost to Perelshteyn and Finegold beat Battsetseg, so there is a one-point gap between the leaders and the rest. 2003 women's champ Anna Hahn got an excellent position with black against Yury Lapshun's bizarre opening play, but he bamboozled her in time trouble and won with a smashing attack. Qc1. You can read more about it in Yury's blog entry.

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