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2001 Dortmund Tournament Book

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Qg3 Qh6! Rxh3+ Kg8, White’s first rank is weak, and he has to take into account the threat Nc4xb2!. Qe4! Black all the same transposes the game into the ending. Rd1? A slip. Rd1 Rcd7, the black rooks rush into the white camp through d4. Ka1 Rc2! Nxb2! , and White resigned. This was one of the tournament favorite’s worst defeats. Shipov Veselin, with determination, has come through his most unfavorable round, where Kramnik played White! Incidentally, Veselin did not reduce himself to mere defense in well-familiar schemes.

Anyway, even advanced multinomial tiebreaks are better than the embarrassment of rapid or blitz tiebreaks after a tough and interesting tournament. I found out about the tiebreak win from the official press release, which is sent out only in German. Thank goodness for the Babelfish translation website! " Exactly. It's moments like these when I blame Winston Churchill and John Wayne for my not being able to speak German and read the original. It would have served Kramnik right to finish second after he played a non-game against Adams in round eight with the white pieces.

Qb2 Saving the rook the trouble of defending the a2-pawn. True, this kind of work is not very becoming of the queen. R1e2 Topalov is surely a master of playing rook endings as well as opposed bishop endings, as is obvious from his victory over Anand. Rxe3 Rc6. Qa4 It must be pleasant to play Black. The queen gives way to the bishop or rook, so that one of them can occupy the staging post. The queen’s new position is no worse than the previous one. Simultaneously, Black aims for the a3-bishop - as if this were played according to a textbook.

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