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12 Views of Manet's Bar by Bradford Collins

By Bradford Collins

Bradford Collins has assembled the following a set of twelve essays that demonstrates, during the interpretation of a unmarried murals, the abundance and complexity of methodological ways now on hand to paintings historians.

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It took a mid-twentieth century artwork convey in Milan to rediscover this Italian artist, emblematic of the Baroque interval, who lived throughout the moment half the sixteenth and primary 1/2 the seventeenth centuries. Michelangelo Merisi was once born to a kinfolk of modest skill in 1571 close to Milan. on the age of 13, he grew to become an apprentice of the painter Simone Peterzano, who taught him inventive ideas and using colors.

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55 their search Ill the themes ti>r missing from scholars have propt)sed themes ot their some paintmgs, Ciiorgione's own. Some have been ri>mantic. and st>me have iKcasionallv been tactual, misleadmg and contra- dictory, hi a tew cases scholars have even betraved a certain confusion commonlv known about what their eyes actually saw. Thus the painting rlw as Hiilosoplurs I'lirtc Wise Men, which it (pij(>t- very well 67) has sometimes been called mav be. But it 77i<' Three has also been called I'hree Astronomers Ohservin^ an Eclipse, although a round sun on the setring horizon.

There are Venetian many stories of this aspect of the Venetian character. tian fisherman who trip his passengers One tells of a Vene- ferried three saints across the lagoon, during destroyed a whole boatload of devils. formance, the tisherman said when It glass, collectors, which was a fme per- they reached the other shore, but is prized for centuries by made on the island of Murano (map, pages 38-jg) with skills in the saint was going to pay the who Venetian fare? Similarly, there is a story of a during the days when Savonarola was visited Florence preaching the sinfulness of worldly possessions.

In Pope Turks out of Constantinople, Venice was the only lonely, heroic in a series it — with the Holy Roman Emperor, the Milan, the Marquis of Ferrara. During 1458, any in Eu- as Venice grew strong, that strength was undermined. As as slowly and inexorably Mark imposing a state as on village many kingdoms. rope, a republic richer than But even them down. The mudbank to put ly at the source. Venice faced the Predictably, "the whole city tian diarist wrote, to learn was loss cloves that had Venetian-controlled to thence by Venetian ship to Europe were now Gama accessible to and ports anyone direct- of its monopoly over Eastern trade.

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