1000 Solved Problems in Classical Physics: An Exercise Book by Ahmad A. Kamal

By Ahmad A. Kamal

This e-book primarily caters to the wishes of undergraduates and graduates physics scholars within the zone of classical physics, specifically Classical Mechanics and electrical energy and Electromagnetism. academics/ Tutors could use it as a source e-book. The contents of the ebook are in accordance with the syllabi at present utilized in the undergraduate classes in united states, U.K., and different international locations. The publication is split into 15 chapters, each one bankruptcy starting with a quick yet sufficient precis and precious formulation and Line diagrams by way of a number of commonplace difficulties necessary for assignments and tests. specified recommendations are supplied on the finish of every bankruptcy.

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5 Let the lamp be at A at height H from the ground, that is AB = H , Fig. 14. Let the man be initially at B, below the lamp, his height being equal to BD = h, so that the tip of his shadow is at B. Let the man walk from B to F in time t with speed v, the shadow will go up to C in the same time t with speed v : Fig. 8 = 98 m. 8 Take the origin at the position of A at t = 0. Let the car A overtake B in time t after travelling a distance s. 9 s. 9 Let BD = x. 0 Total time t = t1 + t2 = (2) x 2 + (600)2 + 800 − x 2 (3) Minimum time is obtained by setting dt/dx = 0.

49 Let C be the centroid of the equilateral triangle formed by the three H atoms in the xy-plane, Fig. 28. The N–atom lies vertically above C, along the z-axis. 38 Å Now, the centre of mass of the three H atoms 3m H lies at C. The centre of mass of the NH3 molecule must lie along the line of symmetry joining N and C and is located below N atom at a distance 40 1 Kinematics and Statics Fig. 50 Take the origin at A at the left end of the boat, Fig. 29. Let the boy of mass m be initially at B, the other end of the boat.

61 U (x) = k(x 2 − 4xl) dU (x) = 2k(x − 2l) dx dU (x) =0 At x = 2l, dx (1) (2) (3) Differentiating (2) again d2 U = 2k dx 2 which is positive. Hence it is a minimum corresponding to a stable equilibrium. 62 Let ‘a’ be the side of the cube and a force F be applied on the top surface of the cube, Fig. 34. Take torques about the left-hand side of the edge. 3 Solutions 45 Fig. 5. 63 In Fig. 35 let the ladder AB have length L, its weight mg acting at G, the CM of the ladder (middle point). The weight mg produces a clockwise torque τ1 about B: Fig.

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